Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Best Way to Bloat

What is the best way to bloat? I have bloated with many things(air, soda, water, food), throughout the past year and a half, so I want to pass on my knowledge of what is the best way to bloat. Bloating is the best thing ever!!! I love having a huge tight gut :) I wish I could be poked and teased after all my bloats though.
The worst way to bloat up is by inflation, in my opinion. It feels so uncomfortable, unless your belly is completely empty. Also, I believe that this is the most dangerous way to bloat. I don't like it... I only tried it because someone told me it made you cum more, but I cum the same amount as bloating the other way :( So, I do not recommend inflating yourself.
Bloating with food lasts the longest but also takes the longest, and if you have bad gag reflexes(like me) you won't be able to eat much. I admit I am a bad eater, so I don't do food bloats often, because I can never finish my food :( I guess I just need someone to MAKE me finish my food. Any takers? hehe ;)
Bloating with soda is probably my most favorite way to bloat, simply because soda is my favorite thing to drink, and I love burping hehe. I can down several litres of soda in a night. However, I don't recommend this to everyone since soda sometimes burns when it is going down, and it can make you feel uncomfortable with all the gas inside of you. But if you think you can handle it go for it. I recommend using Diet Pepsi, or Diet Coke, or Coke Zero, because in my opinion, they are the least fizzy. Also, drink them when they are warm because you will bloat faster that way.
Bloating with water is probably the easiest way to bloat. I can get through a whole box of water bottles in a night, plus some. You don't feel as heavy after bloating with water, as if you bloat with soda or food, but it still feels good. After you bloat with water, or soda, you will probably have to go piss, so don't hold it in... Just go, and come back and refill your gut.

So what is the best way to bloat? I think the best way to bloat is by bloating with food and soda, and when you can't eat anymore, switch to just bloating with water :) I believe this way will fill you up the most :)


  1. Thanks... I have actually been wondering about bloating lately... so this is almost perfect timing...
    P.S. you look great in that pic :P

  2. (1) That is a very comprehensive explanation. I learned a lot from it. Nothing like listening to somebody who has tried it all.
    (2) You have a very fine body in that picture. That 44 inch waist is enviable and you sport the "Badges of Honour" of a gainer. Plus, your moobs are coming as well.
    (3) I like enthusiastic people and enjoyed reading you account of the television shows.
    Looking forward to further blogs,

  3. I love bloating, but I don't want to see anyone hurt by it, so I want to post a little warning. Drinking too much water can be dangerous, as it can deplete your electrolytes, among other nutrients. One session won't hurt, but if you bloat with H2O, piss, repeat, and do this a couple times, it wouldn't be good. Using a sports-drink-type drink mix in the water, or even sticking to soda instead of water, or just taking a little salt with the water should remedy this easily.

  4. Can you make more, I am new to bloating and I want to know more pro tips

  5. Can you make more, I am new to bloating and I want to know more pro tips